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Hang Tab Styles
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Hang Tab Styles

Round Hole
Fold Up


Slot Hang Tabs are the most versatile of our hang tabs. The delta shaped hanging area self centers on any peg fixture.

Round Hole Hang Tabs are great for a variety of single peg fixtures and display strips.

Hook Hang Tabs make selecting the exact product quick and easy. Customers can remove and replace product from any position on the display peg. Hook tabs fit a variety of peg fixtures and speed up rotation of stock. Hook tabs are ideal when displaying more than one size or color of the same product.

Flexible Hang Tabs have a thicker hang hole area and thinner adhesive area. This design gives flexible tabs the ability to stick well to curved, uneven, or uniquely shaped packages.

Fold Up Hang Tabs apply to the back of the package and lay flat for master carton packaging and shipping. The hang tab remains flat until folded up for display on peg fixtures.